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ACUTECH SYSTEMS LTD was found in 2008 with a focus on Information technology, Security surveillance, Automation and Corporate Branding solutions. We have since established ourselves as a premier, multi-diverse technology group having specialties in conducting research, creating designs, and providing one-stop solutions for valuable clients. We engage in B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) by building successful businesses models.

Acutech Group is consistent of highly skilled technical and functional sales & marketing and managerial resources. Our employees bring out the most innovative solutions in every business, technology domain, and walk of the life. Our proactive approach enhances the value of our services.

Our founders have extensive IT experience along with a formal business management knowledge. Acutech not only understands technology, but also understand its enabling role in your business.

Operating since 2008, Acutech Systems has built an excellent reputation by continuously delivering our customers with;

  • responsible and proper service
  • detailed knowledge of computer systems
  • reliable configuration and commissioning skills, and
  • excellence in innovative hardware and software engineering

By continuing to provide the very best professional services, we have built a
large clientele spanning from home users, small to medium sized enterprises and professional practitioners, through to large corporations and government institutions.

We work with you on a personal level in order to tailor the right solution for you and/or your business. We install and maintain your equipment, ensuring that it is always operating at its optimum level.

Acutech Systems has configured, installed, commissioned and supported numerous LAN Sites. This has included the data cabling installation as well as the selection and installation of appropriate hardware and software required to fully operate the local area network.

Providing the best service at competitive prices is our number 1 priority. Whatever the computer issue may be, we promise that our highly trained technicians will provide you with the right solution. Our mission is to provide excellent computer services at competitive prices within the shortest downtime possible.

You take care of your profit, Acutech Products will take care of your business computing.

Acutech Services are affordable without compromising quality, so you can relax.

Acutech helps small and mid size businesses to reach the world through their own website. Every business has their own reasons for building their website. AcuTech will help you to connect your business to the world

We provide a comprehensive range of services some of which include;

  • computer repairs
  • upgrades
  • sales
  • Microsoft product support
  • file servers
  • local area networks
  • data cabling and wireless communications
  • software support and consulting
  • virus/spyware eradication
  • internet security
  • webdesign and hosting, email / internet setups and
  • remote support services


We deliver high quality solutions tailored to the requirements of our customers efficiently.


We respond to your calls and try to help you handle whats possible on the go

Always There For You

Our technicians are always available to assist you either by way of a call, remote control or on site visit to make sure your I.T equipment running.

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Acutech Systems offers both Express and Contract based computer services

Taking Care of your Business

We encourage our clients to enter into a monthly contract service. However we also make sure we give our express customers an equal attention.

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Your data is safe in our hands

Power of Backups

We build trust by conducting our business with the highest ethical standards and always advice our clients to keep backups and passwords secure.

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Timely Delivery


Nicholars MwangiDirector/Head of Operations
CHRISTINE NDANUHead of Finance/Accounts
DAVID M.Head of IT